Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hair envy

Right now I have bad post-natal hair issues.

Greasy roots after one day (or less).

Dry, brittle, snap-off ends.

Falling out in chunks
(I literally do my hair with the dust buster next to me. Literally).
Bad, too-dark colour.

Worn in a scraggly pony tail every. day.

Worn loose, it is the ultimate baby toy
(along with pretty earrings and dangly necklaces).

I am contemplating The Big Chop.

 But for now, I can dream about gorgeous, flowing, effortless hair.


  1. I am feeling you on this one Kylie - Flynn is 6 month son Sunday and my hair loss is only just starting to slow up now. Thank Gawd.

    And yep, i'm guilty of wearing my hair in a fuss free pony or bun everyday, because its just not worth the hassle of keeping it away from tiny hands. I thought about the Big Chop too....only i used to have a pixie crop for years and it took me two years to grow it out to this length. Don't know if i wana go through that again just yet :)

  2. I hear perms are back in fashion, maybe that would be a fun fuss-free way to go for a change :D I think I'll be going the chop soon, just to the shoulders though, maybe some sort of bob??


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