Monday, June 14, 2010

Long Weekend

I was so looking forward to this long weekend. It started out well enough. Very well, in fact. Pebble and I had a ladies day out. I met a couple of girlfriends for coffee, then a few more for lunch, with Pebble in tow. Then we picked up hubby and went to another friend’s house for dinner (where I had the best steak I’ve eaten in years, but that’s another story).
However that night, Pebble (and I) had the worst nights sleep that she’s  had since she was a newborn. Her cough kept waking her up, and I barely got my head laid before I was up again to give her a cuddle and calm her back to sleep.
Sunday dawned to both Paul and I with aches, chills and sore throats. Pebble was still coughing, wheezing and blowing snot bubbles, but thankfully otherwise happy. Paul and I slept when she slept, and barely left the couch all day. Sadly, this meant an end to Sunday night’s plans for dinner with friends. It was so frustrating because it’s hard enough to get a time when everyone is free, and now we were missing out.
Sunday night I went to bed determined to wake up well. I told myself that I was going to be just fine in the morning, and that I’m not getting sick this time. Just like that.
After another awful night with poor coughing Pebble, I woke up feeling quite alright (!). Paul was not well (he didn’t even get up to watch Australia in the World Cup!!!) but I was ok, and Pebble was in a sunny mood (but still coughing).
I decided that Pebble and I would keep our family lunch date at my brother’s house. I was determined to go! I dressed Pebble up in a gorgeous little outfit, packed her nappy bag, dressed myself up, and waited for her to wake from her morning nap before leaving.
Pebble woke up. Cried. Grizzled. Squealed. Wriggled. Squirmed. Cried some more. She wouldn’t feed properly on the breast and kept on squealing (almost comically, if the poor dear wasn’t so sick). We decided to give her a bottle and some panadol, but she threw all of both back up after a massive coughing fit.
I tried to convince myself that she was ok, that we could still go …. but the mama guilt kicked in (and common sense) and I called off our outing. *pout*
Here’s sad little Pebble having a cuddle with Daddy this afternoon. She is not the cuddly type, and is definitely not herself. 
long weekend
Doesn’t she just break your heart?
Did you Point and Shoot?


  1. That picture does just break my heart. You feel so helpless, don't you. I hate it.

    I can honestly say there is nothing I hate more than having a sick baby, because I just feel like I want to make it better and can't. I can't even imagine how mothers handle having really sick children. It's so sad.

    Thanks for playing along. I am sending you healthy vibes... although my little girl is sick at the moment so I might keep some for us as well. x

  2. Aww - she looks so unhappy! Hope you guys feel better soon because it sucks much when everybody in the house gets sick ( you know, the way it happened here at the start of May... )

  3. Poor little love! I'm with Chantelle, there's nothing sadder than a sick baby. I hope you're all fitting fit in no time. xoxo


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