Friday, June 11, 2010

New toy?

A friend has loaned us a new toy.
The normally very cautious Daddy came home with it. 
(cue threatening music score here)
new toy
As you can see, Pebble is already a blur of baby in motion. So far she has delighted in the steering wheel and random buttons, and has shuffled around without knowing what she’s doing.
As a kid I saw a baby go down a sloping, paved driveway in one of these gizmos (don’t worry, they were ok). Children’s health authorities in my state advise against their use.  They are BANNED in Canada!
I have since done a very minimal amount of research (typed ‘baby safe walker site:au’ into Google) and found LOTS of evidence reinforcing what I already knew. Walkers are not safe.
After this brief flirtation with danger (during which Pebble banged her hand so hard on the toys that she started to cry), I think we might be giving it back with a thanks, but no thanks.
What do you think of walkers?


  1. We never used one Kylie cos I was too scared of all the bad reports and the Bebito walked very early. We did borrow an exersaucer from friends which is like a stationary walker and that was a godsend to do little tasks when I needed to, like you know, go to the bathroom! :)

  2. Hey Kylie

    I never used them for the girls either. Aside from not having enough room for them and hearing about the possible dangers, I had also heard that they can impact on a child's development, ie they don't teach kids how to use their feet properly. Not sure how much truth there is to that but coupled with the no room and danger factors, it was enough to disuade me.

  3. I have one for Flynn ( borrowed from my brother ) and he loves it!His feet are flat on the floor and he moves his little legs like he's walking, and off he goes. I think its as safe as any other toy - ie everything needs to be supervised.
    We only live a small duplex and the only area that the wheels will roll on is the kitchen, so its perfect - i pop him in and he bounces around the kitchen while i bake or while i make dinner. And, because its doesnt roll on the carpet, i can use it as " play station " when i need to eat/go to the bathroom/put on washing etc.

  4. I wasn't a fan of them - my kids never had them! I think W used one at a friends house once, but he ended up getting frustrated and preferred crawling around on the floor instead!

    Just think that kids will walk and move when they're ready!

    But then - everything in moderation - it's not like babies will spend all day, every day in them either! 15 minutes here and there for a bit of P&Q!!!

  5. Never used them and think they are unsafe. However, bought my grand-daughter a jumper that sort of looks like these without the wheels and she just loved that.


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