Thursday, June 10, 2010

Through my window

Pebble (sniffly, snotty, hacking cough Pebble ) and I are all snuggled up in the house, causing far too many carbon emissions. The gas heater is glowing, and the tumble dryer is cranked occasionally, just to finish off a load while I hang out the next (and the next, and the next).

through my window
I love the steamy windows in the laundry after the tumble dryer has been going (though Paul will tell me off and remind me to keep a window open a crack).
I also heart my new dust buster. Oh, how I love thee.
Play My Place and Yours with Danielle at Hello Owl.


  1. I love that steamy rugged up feeling of being inside. Pity even my sick kids, both of whom I'm trying to get better, get bad cabin fever! I do love it myself though!

    I hope your bub gets well soon!

  2. I love the steamed up view too!


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