Monday, June 7, 2010

At my house

Sick baby :(
at my  house sick baby
Burning hot skin.
Warm, wet vomit.
Sad little cough.
Clingy, crying child.
 at my  house sick baby2
What’s happening at your house?


  1. Whats happening at my house? Right this minute, its a sleeping bubba, full of pureed banana! But i had a sick bubba 2 weeks ago, sleeping in bed with me, super snuffly - so i feel your pain! Baby Nurofen and lots of cuddles works a treat :)

  2. Sick babies are such hard work for everyone in the house! Of course a worry when they are so little too. I hope you get a little sleep and hope she is better soon. All the best. Thanks for joining in this week. Lou.

  3. The exact same thing, minus the vomit... that was last fortnight.

  4. Poor lovey :( (HUGS) Hope Charlotte is feeling better soon.

    We're also sick. Bit week - flu, pharyngitis, nits, colds etc. Hopefully on the other side of it!


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