Friday, June 4, 2010

Now I’ve got a heavy heart

 heavy heart
I finally bit the bullet today and started thinking PROPERLY about child care for Pebble next year. I will be returning to work as a teacher part time next year. How many days? Dunno. Which days? Dunno. Do I want to think about this? NO!
It needs to be thought about.
We plan to take Pebble to a local community centre, where one of Pebble’s aunties also works. It’s a very well regarded centre, with many quality care indicators yaddah yaddah yaddah. But I still have to leave my BA-BEEEEEE!
Gawd, I never thought I’d feel like this. For too long I’ve been in total denial about it, and now just making a few phone calls is making me feel so sad. I promise myself that I will NOT be one of THOSE parents. You know, the ones with their noses pressed to the window, who keep popping their head back in the door to see if the babe is ok, in the process making the whole separation thing sooooo much worse. I WILL NOT be that person.
As it happens, we can’t get our chosen care until at least a couple of months after I start work. So I’ve been shopping around for other options, which all sounds a bit messy and upsetting to little girls named Pebble.
Fortunately we have a few family back ups who may be able to do some days or even a regular weekly day, which is very nice indeed. It means that I may not have to use alternative care at first, and it could be that Pebble will only be in a child care centre one day a week.
Now here’s the part where I need to make it Very Clear that I think child care is awesome. Did I mention that I’m an Early Childcare Educator? Quality care is fantastic for children and families, and it’s value in society can not be underestimated, but often is.
However, truth be told, if I win lotto tomorrow I’ll be a stay at home mum until my kiddies go to school (or even longer if we win big!). That ain’t gonna happen though – particularly as I only buy a ticket about twice a year. Hmmmm.
How did you cope with sending your child to child care?


  1. Kylie

    Olivia was 11 months old when I was forced to "let go" of her (as I was on jury duty). From then she went 2 days a week whilst Charlie was a newborn. Charlie started at 12 months, when lexie was a newborn. And Lexie started at 8 months when I returned to work part time.

    I coped, just. The first week was hard, each time, on ALL of us.

    But have I any regrets? NONE. I would do exactly the same again, regardless of lotto win, honestly!

    (We use a very small child care centre which we are all very happy with. This has been key to all of our contentent over child care......)

    My heart is in my mouth, for you, though, as I remember very clearly how I felt when contemplating all this for the very first time......

  2. Oh Kylie, I so feel for you. The bebito went to almost full-time childcare when I took on a 2-month contract when he was 5 months old. It was torturous. I made J do the drop offs so I wouldn't be the kind of Mum lingering. I did ring the centre a lot to begin with. It's the kind of thing that you only get better at with time. Having said that, we're lucky that my Mum is now the main caregiver for the bebito whilst I'm at work and we do a number of things during the week to spend time with other kids. I do think the key is finding a centre you're happy with and seeing as you have a family member working there it's a very excellent place indeed. It does not make it easy to leave your little bundle of joy though. My heart goes out to you.


  3. (HUG) It was the hardest thing ever with Lachlan, sending him to care. We went with a KU centre, which ran the creche and Qantas, and they were seriously fabulous. Non-profit, above average staffing, hot cooked meals etc.

    But it was hard :(

    If I could do things differently, and money had been different then, I would have only gone back part time 3 days a week.


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