Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Saturday night dinner + dinner + dinner

It was with excitement and trepidation that Paul and I departed for our first baby-free dining experience on the weekend.
We left Pebble in the happy and relaxed company of her Grandad and Nana ‘Nette, who were delighted to have her. Of course Pebble was a HUGE let down, and only gave them an hour of play before sleeping on and on. And, of course, Paul and I returned almost exactly at the stroke of midnight, when Pebble promptly woke up as we climbed in to bed.
Anyway, back to the dinner. After the bring-a-plate Mexican fiesta, we decided to celebrate the Birth of Cass by having a similar shin-dig. More plates. Less of the Mexican, though.
I was rostered on for entree and decided that a winter warming soup was in order. I made a quite scrumptious Bacon, Leek and Potato soup, which was served with freshly grated slivers of parmesan cheese and Cass’s homemade bread.

For second entree or first main (depending on how you look at it), we  had Cass’s homemade gnocchi with mushrooms and sage butter, and homemade tagliatelle with Napolitano sauce.  YUM and OMG so impressive. Homemade pasta!


Next up, Teresa graced us with her presence and two gorgeous roast chooks, with roastie toastie veg. I know. There was LOTS of food. Kudos to the boys, who ate half a chicken. Each.
Sorry, I forgot to take a photo until the birds were dismembered and ready for the eating. Here’s my plate. 


Lastly, Kelly brought it home with a pear cobbler. My first time trying a cobbler, and I give it the thumbs up! Again, my enthusiasm for eating overtook my photography skills, and this was the last bit of cobbler left in the tray. It ain’t pretty, but it tasted good!


How do you do dinner parties with friends?

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