Saturday, July 3, 2010

Afternoon delights

Hello there.  Sorry, I can’t stop and chat. I just wanted to say hello after my little shopping excursion to Mathilda’s Market, and before heading out to afternoon tea with the family.

Mathilda’s was very lovely. You might even say loverly. I was pleasantly surprised to meet the gorgeous Cat on my outing. Thanks for saying hi, Cat!

More about Mathilda’s later, but for now I’ll share this scrumptious glimpse of the dodgy caramel slice I made for our afternoon delights.  A few things went wrong in the making, but that’s a story for another time.
… all but gone!
Have a loverly Saturday!


  1. Doesn't look dodgy at all! Caramel slice is one of my faves. I hoped I hadn't freaked you out and thought me all stalker-y. :) Wish Mum hadn't run off (and the boys) so I could have said more than, "Hi". Your little Miss looked so snug and gorgeous. Hope you're having a great afternoon. xoxo

  2. The dodginess came from me trying to make a double batch, but also doubling the caramel and then thinking there was not enough chocolate, but in the end there was waaaay too much chocolate. There was lots of sugar, butter, and more sugar being thrown about in my kitchen, all the while entertaining Charlotte with the oven mit LOL

    Not at all stalker-y, I'm so glad that you said hi. In fact, I felt rather famous for half a second. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet the boys (or your mum!).


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