Sunday, July 4, 2010

Can I help, Mummy?

I’ve been busy at the Baby’s and Kid’s Market today, not to mention yesterdays Mathilda’s Market fun. BUT my camera charger is nowhere to be found, so alas I can not take photos of my purchases just yet.
To keep you occupied on this sunny Adelaide Sunday, here is Pebble demonstrating the safety features of baby walkers:

Nooooooooo, this isn’t dangerous at all!
Luckily my camera was right there in my bag so I could snap this pic without leaving her in danger of beater-mixing her own ear off. I was just about to turn on the beater when I glanced down to see this little face and outstretched arm.
Hmmm, no more using the kitchen island for plugging things in while Pebble’s in the walker. I could say no more walker, but oh my how she loves that thing.
What’s keeping you in and out of trouble this Sunday?

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