Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Cuteness

Happy Monday!
I’ve got a busy, busy week ahead. I’m cleaning the house (again)and baking today (again) before my mum’s and bub’s group come for a visit tomorrow. I’ve got errands to run here, there and everywhere, and plans to make for our 1 year wedding anniversary this weekend ♥ What’s happening at your house this week?
Here’s a little Monday cuteness: Pebble in the hat that I bought her at Mathilda’s Market (my one and only purchase, not that I didn’t want to buy, buy, buy). It’s from Pink Apple, if you’re interested. I love the hat a lot, but I will have to stitch the flower on – it’s attached with a brooch at the moment. A sharp, pointy, metal brooch. I just don’t feel like it’s a nice thing to have on Pebble’s skin! I didn’t really think that through when I bought it, but no regrets, it’s cute as a button.

Have a happy Monday, and please do tell – how did you celebrate your 1st anniversary (maybe it was of your wedding, or relationship, even your blog, or another significant time in your life)?


  1. She is VERY sweet. Look at her all cute and happy...and well. I have well baby envy!

    We celebrated our first wedding anni with a quiet dinner back at the place we were married (which was Rob's Dad's farm) with good food, champagne and company. Simple and lovely.

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Sounds like a very busy week - especially with a baby as well. Love the hat. Very cute.

    I think our first anniversary might have been dinner at the hotel we stayed at on our wedding night and maybe a theatre show or something. I can't quite remember but it is usually a show or dinner or something out and about like that. Have fun. Lou.

  3. oh wow - what newly weds you are! sounds like a popular option, but we also went back to the place that we got married and had a nice dinner etc - have a lovely day whatever you do ;-)

  4. Hi Kylie,
    I can't seem to find an email address for you so thought I'd post a comment on here in case you didn't see FB one I left, if you'd like me to swap the yo yo for one with a barette clip, let me know. I love your blog, it's great & it's a great idea to hand out business cards at markets - I'd love you to take pics of my stall anytime!! Especially when I look at the ones I took myself which are very average!! My FB page is under 'Jewels by Kathryn'.

  5. I love that photo of Charlotte and her smile is almost like she knows how cute she is. She's growing up so quickly. ;)


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