Wednesday, July 21, 2010

At My House

This week I’m getting busy in the kitchen with Pebble’s food. I gave up the yoghurt after a chat with a lovely Child and Youth Health nurse, who confirmed my suspicions that the 10g per 100g of sugar in that stuff was perhaps not the best thing to be feeding Pebble. Particularly as it was the ONLY ‘solid’ food she was eating.
I can get the yoghurt back out again soon, when Pebble is eating a wider variety of foods, but for now it’s back to the rice cereal. And to my great surprise it only took two days for her to be chomping down on the stuff with excitement (as long as she holds the spoon herself!).
I decided to test the waters with a little apple, which also went down a treat when mixed with the rice cereal. Next up is pumpkin, which I diced, steamed, blended and froze before bagging up into labelled zip lock bags.
Excuse my excitement at this new world of food preparation - I’m sure that soon it will be a very tedious job indeed. But for now I’m enjoying this new stage of Pebble’s life and take delight in preparing food for her.
What’s happening at your house this week? Be sure to pop on over to Lou’s and let her know.


  1. I love preparing food for the Bebito and it never got overly taxing except when I had almost run out completely. It's nice to be able to provide good, nutritious food for our little people. :) You're doing well Kylie!

  2. Glad to hear Charlotte is finally getting excited about food - and that you are too! I'm at the point where, with Flynn eating 3 meals a day, i'm running out of ideas for new concoctions....

  3. You're doing a great job Kylie. My Hamish is 10.5 months now, and has really only started eating solids in the past 2-3 weeks, despite his twin taking to them with gusto at 4.5 months! Bizarrely, he really loves the combo of peas, broccoli and pear. I'm at the stage now where it's breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner AND three bottles. I added up all the time (shouldn't have) - I spend nearly 6 hours a day just feeding them..... argh! I did it again. I have to stop saying it - it's way too depressing :)

  4. Looks great Kylie. I remember it being much more exciting with the first child - and much scarier - even though of course they were fine. Great that you are so into it. Have fun!

    Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.


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