Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Turn Around Bright Eyes

Six months old and eight kilograms of gorgeous, FINALLY we got to turn the car seat around for Pebble. I think she likes it.

I remember when every journey used to be torture, for both Pebble and I. Screaming, sobbing, choking. Things have definitely improved since then, and now this is the final hurdle. Now we have two happy girls.


  1. How exciting! Now she can see more of the world out the window while you are driving.

  2. Its so much better with the car seat turned around, isnt it? Flynn still isnt quite 8kgs, but we turned his seat around when he hit 6 months anyway. The only problem now is i have to keep reminding myself to watch the road and not turn around to look at the cuteness ( you know, same as Charlotte up there! )

  3. Woah. She is SO cute right there!! I definitely think she likes it!!

  4. They always are so much happier.
    We're waiting for Lachlan to be 6 months because i know under the new legislation that it's against the law to be turned around before 6 months and if they are under 8 kgs. Lachlan's 8 kg just waiting on the calendar now. Tick tock!

  5. Hehe So cute! Now that Cooper is 6 months we can do that too...In fact I am off to do that right now!! A lovely Blog!


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