Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Place and Yours: Mine, his and ours

This weeks theme is for My Place and Yours is ‘What’s on your fridge’.
I love to cover my fridge with bits and pieces. I have a big collection of magnets from the travels of friends and family, but mostly from my own travels. I have photos of babes, weddings and a few old favourites (note the top right photo of Paul with long hair from waaaaay back). This is my side of the fridge.


Paul, however, likes his fridge (and everything else in life) uncluttered. This is Paul’s side of the fridge.

Then we have the functional side of the fridge, with immunisations, calendars, invitations, reminders etc. I bought this family organiser calendar especially this year, but I won’t bother getting it again. I love the photos don’t like the layout. Next year I’ll be back to traditional squares. This is our side of the fridge.

What’s on your fridge? Play My Place and Yours with Hello Owl.


  1. I love that you have different sides of the fridge!!

  2. Your side is similar to mine, only mine doesnt have photos - only drawings from my neice and notes to myself!

  3. Love the contrast between your side and his side. It's very revealing! Opposites really do attract!! The family fridge is amazing, it's ever-changing and a chronicle of our daily domestic lives.


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