Sunday, July 25, 2010

It’s Grand Final Night!

Tonight’s the night – the Grand Final of Masterchef! I’ll be watching with Paul’s mum, and we’re getting into the spirit of things by ordering in a curry (ha!). I hope that one day I can order one in from Jimmy’s rumoured southern Adelaide restaurant, but for now we’ll settle for our local.
I also hope that Pebble will give me a chance to watch it – she’s been a very grizzly girl with TWO teeth coming through. Poor bub.
Will you be watching tonight? Team Adam or Team Callum? I’m happy no matter who wins, but am tipping Adam to bring the title home.

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  1. I dont mind who wins, but in my heart of hearts i'm Team Callum! Mick is making me a quiche for dinner so i dont even have to cook, i can just relax and watch me some Masterchef!


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