Saturday, July 24, 2010


Yesterday I tried to do my first proper clothes shop since having Pebble . I attempted to do this with Pebble (my first mistake). She’s usually a pretty good shopper. She hangs out in the pram, people watching. I get vocal updates on her tummy and sleepy status, but apart from that she’s pretty good.
However, yesterday, she was NOT. She cried most of the time, a whiny little cry and was just not happy. It was time for a sleep and I tried and tried and tried to get her to sleep. I tried the usual pram rock and roll. I tried the pick-her-up and rock. I tried the cover-the-pram and rock. I tried the jaunty back and forth. I tried a feed. I checked her bum. I tried all of these again.
She just kept crying and fighting and crying.
I was at my wits end. I had finally got a grasp of this kid and now I had no idea what’s going on (welcome to motherhood, I hear you say). I stopped in the middle of the shopping centre and gave Pebble a big cuddle. She stopped crying and snuggled up to me.
I’m not sure what made me do it, but I had a look in her mouth and felt her gums. I’ve been doing this every other day for about two months, as she’s been drooling and rosy cheeked on and off.
There it was. A sharp little white bugger, poking it’s head through her gums. Oooooooh! Poor kid, there she was dealing with her first tooth coming through, and her mum was dragging her round the shops all day.
Big sigh of relief from me, and big sigh of relief from Pebble. I know what’s going on and she’s finally going home! Some panadol and bonjela that night made her day.
My little girl is growing up!
p.s. I still managed to buy a cute coral cardi, a floral print top and a pair of silver sequined ballet flats ($13!).


  1. oh, the little poppet. but you figured it out. Well done - on the shopping too. I'm baby-free today and should be catching up on sleep, but I much prefer life with them around :)

  2. Congrats on the tooth Charlotte! Flynn gave me another horrendous night last night ( after a week and half of good sleep ) and there is a definate lump in his gum so methinks he is cutting his third tooth....

  3. Aww her first tooth! And what a whopper the poor little thing! :o Although with a smiley face on it it looks much more charming :)

  4. Poor little Charlotte. Teeth are the enemy of babies, I'm sure.

    I remember the same thing happening to me with the Bebito in tow. He was once such a good shopper but now is too keen to get "down, down" and look for the nearest play equipment so I do most of it online now.

    Good for you in snapping up a bargain anyway. :)


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