Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Op shop bargains

I’ve been feeling a bit bored with my usual walking routes, so this week I decided to try walking somewhere a bit different. I drove Pebble and I up to the town centre to walk up and down the main street. I started at the pub (no, I didn’t go in – a nursing mother nursing a beer is not a good look ;P) and walked to the other end of town and back. The timing was perfect for Pebble to fall asleep as we arrived at the op shop, and I got to have a nosy around. I tried on a big pile of clothes, but left empty handed in that department. I did score four new board books for Pebble though.

They were only $1 each and in great condition. My favourite is My Dad by Anthony Browne. His books are always a hit with the children at school and the Dad in the story loves football! Proper round football, just like Pebble’s Dad.
Have you been op-shopping lately? What treasures did you find?


  1. Op Shops are the biz for kids books. You've found some classics there. 'My Dad' is a massive favourite in our house.

  2. I love the My Mom book by the same author.


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