Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I just learned some very sad news. One of my favourite primary school teachers has passed away, well before her time.
I have thought of her so often, especially as I became a teacher myself. I have reflected on the warm, engaging, community feel of the classroom that she shared so well with another teacher, and I wonder how I can create that kind of learning environment myself.
Perhaps it’s just my experience, but in that classroom I felt a part of a community, I felt excited about learning, I felt accepted by all and accepting of all. My mind was stretched, my heart was full. I was confident and happy. The value of this experience can not be underestimated.
I have tried to contact this teacher several times in my adult life, just to say thank you. Thank you for all the wonderful memories, thank you for the inspiration. I didn’t have any luck and I’m so sad that I could never tell her the difference that she made in my life.
So now, I will throw my words out there and hope that somewhere, somehow, she can catch them. Thank you Miss C (as you will always be known to me).


  1. Oh Kylie, I'm sorry for you today. I had a teacher like that too. I'll never forget her. xx

  2. Sadness. Teachers mean so much to us, they play such an important role in growing us into the people we become. I'm sure she knew how much she meant to you, just as you know how much your own students treasure yourself. x

  3. That is sad. Wouldn't we all like to be remembered so fondly? She must have been a special lady.

  4. Oh no, how very sad. I'm sure she touched allot of people in her life xx


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