Friday, July 16, 2010


Dear Internet,
Did you sleep well last night? I think you must have. Yesterday, when I said that I’d love to give you just a little of the sleep I’m having, ya’ll went ahead and accepted my offer, right? Because last night was the worst nights sleep I’ve had since we were in newborn town.
I got into bed at 10ish, expecting not to wake up again to feed Pebble until at least 2am, perhaps 3am, maybe even 4am…
10.30pm –  baby awake
1.00am – baby awake
4.00am – baby awake
5.50am – baby awake
She wasn’t upset, or hungry (except for the first feed). Just awake.
At quarter past six she came into bed with us. Of course, I couldn’t sleep for a while, I was so acutely aware of her little body and tiny puffs of breath.
So, I’m a little tired today. I hope you enjoyed the sleep that I sent you :)


  1. You poor love.... but welcome to my world. Just as my bubba has had a great weeks worth of sleep ( so far ), yours decides she doesnt need any anymore.
    Heres hoping it doesnt last long!

  2. I hope it's just a one night thing. I totally understand. We've been sleep deprived for a fortnight now so I have no good news for you in that it doesn't get better the older they get. Boo!


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