Thursday, July 15, 2010


Despite my earlier criticism of Twilight, I still find myself turning page after page, absorbed in the story and wanting to read more. What more can one ask of a book? My head feels fuzzy, the way that it often does when I’m so absorbed in a story. A pleasant fuzziness.
Today, apart from reading, I’ve been putting my teacher hat back on to prepare some materials for my nephew, who started school this year. His mum and dad asked for me to help him out a little and it’s been fun getting back into the swing of things. Particularly fun without the pressure of report writing, deadlines and behaviour issues!
Pebble is almost-not-quite six months old and everything is going swimmingly. She’s started sleeping almost through the night – until about 3am or 4am, when she wakes for a feed the goes straight back to sleep again. She’s even slept past 6am a few times in a row *fingers crossed*.
To all of you who are suffering sleepless nights with cranky babes, I just wish I could send you a little of the sleep that I’m getting. Sleep deprivation is such a horrible, horrible feeling.
How are you sleeping lately?


  1. You know what? A little better this week thanks for asking! Flynns going to sleep around 7pm, waking around 4:30am for a feed, and i'm only having to get up two or three times to put his dummy back in, and then he goes back to sleep til 7am...

  2. I hope you continue to like the Twilight series. For me, the second book was okay and the third made me want to throw it against a wall. And the fourth...oh, what a red-hot mess the fourth is! Would love to hear your opinion - can't wait!

  3. ah Kylie. what a delightful surprise to check your blog and see a pic of Edward (sigh). glad you are enjoying the book. conversely to Cassie's comments, i loved all of the books, with the 4th being such a fantastic jam packed climax!!! let me know when you want to watch the movies - i'll happily set up a twilight girls night in!!!!


  4. Amy, you clearly got the sleep I've been having up until last night. I think Flynn and Charlotte traded sleep patterns! Glad you got some shut I, though :)

    Cass and Mel, I'll be interested to see what I think too.

    Mel, a girls night in of any description sounds great!


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