Wednesday, July 14, 2010

At my house: Paper

For our anniversary Paul and I agreed to stick to tradition, just for fun. The first anniversary traditional gift is Paper. I tried to be a bit clever and a bit romantic. I made a ticket for us to watch the wedding DVD, which we have yet to watch – ever! I also gave him Pictionary, as we’re always talking about watching less TV. These ideas seem kind of lame now…
However, Paul, cheeky man that he is, cheated. He bent the rules and surprised me with a Kobo ereader.
So far I love it, if not the reading material that I’m reading. I started with one of the 100 free ebooks that it came with – Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. I have never read Jane Austen and after about five pages I had to move along. I like the idea of it, but the language is just too oldy-wordy for me (that’s a technical term). I consider myself to be quite a good reader, and this book made me feel very stupid. I kept having to translate every sentence into modern English.
So. I got myself a copy of two books that I’ve been wanting to read. Twilight and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I started on Twilight and after two days I’m about halfway through. It’s easy to read, kind of like eating over processed white bread. You swallow without chewing.  Edward (the male lead, in case you didn’t know) is giving me the shits with his ever present chuckle, which I find condescending. The emphasis on Bella’s lack of coordination is also getting irritating, and I’m hoping it’s majorly relevant later on. I did watch the first film a long time ago, but can’t remember much of what happens except vampire-girl teenage love.
Just now I found a copy of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, which I’m excited about reading too.
Do you have an eReader? Where do you get your books from and what’s your favourite ebook so far?


  1. don't bag twilight Kylie or i might have to get nasty!!!!

    Edward chuckles a lot because from his perspective he can read everyone else's minds and know what they are thinking.

    Bella is clumsy and it is import later in the books.

    If you want to read about Edward's perspective there is an unfinished copy of the 5th book in the series called Midnight Sun. Its on Stephenie's website, if you are keen but it puts into perspective Edwards character.

    paul did well with the ereader - that is so you!!!!!


  2. Ha, I just thought of you reading it after I posted it. I'm still reading it, to be honest I am still keen to finish it. I must have been a bit crabby this morning, I was a bit harsh.
    Right now Edward is asking Bella 1000's of questions, which seems creepy to me. If I were a real life teenager and a guy from school was all over-the-top and in my face I'd be totally put off. But I guess there's some kind of magic going on. Also, he keeps calling the shots and she just goes with it. Maybe that's part of his appeal? I want Bella to be stronger.
    Maybe all will be revealed.

  3. " Sense and Sensibility " is a great book. I'd encourage you to persevere but knowing you have a bubba around that eats up your time it might not be all that easy!

    I dont have an e-reader but if you can, try and find a book called " The Hour I First Believed " by Wally Lamb. I finished reading it a fortnight ago ( have been meaning to blog about it but havent quite got there yet! )... its 700-odd pages and is a bit heavy going, but its brilliant. Absolutely brilliant


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