Tuesday, July 13, 2010


With a spoon of her own in each hand Pebble is happy to open up (just a little bit) and try some yoghurt. I’m not sure how much it actually gets in her mouth, but she’s interested.
Image0294 Image0295 Image0296 Image0297
Apart from anything else, I’m trying to be more relaxed. Whatever happens, happens. She will eat eventually. Thanks to your advice to just chill :)


  1. Flynn loves his yoghurt too, so once she gets used to it ( nice and smooth, not too far removed from the milk she's used to ) she might open up and be ready for other stuff...

  2. Hi Amy
    I think Charlotte will get to like it, only a day later she's really gulping down the yoghurt. I'm going to keep going with it for the rest of the week, then next week do yoghurt in the mornings and new foods in the afternoons. We'll see what happens!


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