Friday, July 9, 2010

To eat, or not to eat

So I’m still trying to get Pebble to eat solids. Ever since the dreaded medicine got forced down her gullet she has had no interest in opening up for food (is it any wonder?). I’m giving it a rest for a week or so, and coming back to it again, but I found this post by It’s Not About Nutrition to be so interesting and a reminder of what’s really going on.
“Here are 10 things your infant might say about weaning if he could:
1) My food used to always be the same – same taste, same texture, same smell. Now it changes from meal-to-meal. I never know what to expect.
2) I used to snuggle with Mommy while I ate but now I don’t.
3) I used to eat while lying down.  Now I have to sit up.
4) I used to decide how quickly or slowly to eat.  Now someone else picks the speed at which food is put into my mouth.
5) I used to take big sips or small sips of milk. Now someone else decides how much food is in each bite.
6) I used to have a soft nipple in my mouth.  Now there’s a hard spoon in there.
7) I used to eat whenever I was hungry.  Now Mommy often makes me wait for meal- or snack-time.
8) Mommy used to be the only one to feed me.  Now lots of different people take turns.
9) I used to decide how long meals lasted.  Now whoever feeds me decides.
10) I never could see what was going on in the room before.  Now I can check out all the action.”
No wonder it’s not happening so easily. All in good time.
Do you have any tips for starting solids with reluctant eaters? 


  1. I would'nt worry too much, she's still very young. It often takes some kids a while to get interested in food. At the moment, milk is still their number 1. I think my eldest was about 7 months before she was really interested in eating solids.

  2. Kylie, I am sure I have commented before, but Olivia didnlt start on solids till she was over 6 months, Charlie was slow on the uptake at 8 months, and Lexie even slower at around 9 months.

    They all got the hang of it eventually.....and now are healthy eaters....

    At Charlottes age, I wouldn't stress too much...

  3. I'm yet to find a food that Flynn DOESNT like so i'm not too experienced with fussy eaters but i think you should just take it slow, and try a wide variety of food. There has to be something she likes, it just might take a lot of small tastes of a lot of stuff to find it.
    Does she sit with you at meal times and watch you eat? Does she reach for other peoples food when its around? If she doesnt, maybe thats a sign she's not quite ready yet...


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