Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To market, to market

This past weekend I was lucky enough to visit two markets for the first time: Mathilda’s Market and the Baby and Kids Market.
I was most excited to go to Mathilda’s. I love drooling over Etsy and MadeIt stores for gorgeous handmade things, but often stop at purchasing because I like to properly shop. I like to touch and really see.
Mathilda’s was small but plentiful. There were lots of things for girls. Lots and lots. Hair pretties, clothes, dress ups, soft toys. I saw a few pieces of clothing that I quite liked, but I just couldn’t justify the cost. I know that these sellers deserve their money, their blood, sweat and tears go into each piece. But I just can’t let myself spend $40ish on a onesie just for fun. I’ll admit that I’m a Target girl at heart.

Owl Softies from Little Luv

So I browsed. I tried to take photos, but I felt guilty because I think the sellers thought I might be trying to steal their work. I spoke to one about my blog and she was all too happy to help me out and gave me her card. I thought perhaps I should have a card too, but then thought that a bit silly. After all, this blog is just my little fun zone. It’s not anything proper. However, it’s much easier to hand over a card than to quote my lengthy http address. And much cooler too.
I digress. My sister ended up doing better than I at Mathilda’s, and came out with a bag full of loot. I bought the gorgeous hat that I blogged, which I still love. I will definitely go to Mathilda’s again, but next time will have in mind something that I want to get, instead of wanting just a sneaky peak.
At the Baby and Kids Market I did much better. Now this is my comfort zone. $2 here, $5 there. I walked out of there heavy with what I consider to be bargains. Here’s what I bought.

Fabric books (2) and fabric box $10
Bedtime for Bunny interactive fabric book $5

Puzzles, $3 each

Stacking cups $5

Soccer goals + Ball, $10
(I couldn’t walk away from this, Paul is a big soccer fan)
Where are your favourite markets?

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  1. I live in a country town - we have a pretty good farmers market, but thats it. We have a market day every other sunday but its the kind of market where old ladies sell doiles and jam and everyone sells crap made in China...


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