Friday, August 6, 2010



See this goofy look? This is Pebble’s expression most of the time lately. She’s still working on those two bottom teeth. I’m not sure if they’re growing or if she’s just testing the feel of them on her lips and tongue. But she is forever sliding her lips back and forth and invariably looks like this.  I think that it is most entertaining, and will be sure to save photos like this to torment her with when she’s older.
Speaking of torment – yesterday I found out that Pebble is a little further down the child care waiting list than I realised. Like, 80th on the list. Oooooookaaaay.
Yesterday I went for a tour of the centre with Paul’s sister, who works there. Previously I’d spoken to her about putting us on the list, which she had done. I never spoke to anyone at the centre myself. When we were placed on the list I was told that we might not get in as soon as we’d like, but we’d get in. I can’t remember if I assumed this meant a month or two later than we’d like, or if it was actually said. As it turns out Pebble is very unlikely to be enrolled in the Baby House at all, and will most likely begin her time there in the toddler room.
After she has turned 18 months old.
Six months AFTER I have returned to work.
I suppressed a mild panic after absorbing this news. My panic welled further as I saw just how wonderful the centre is. It really ticks all my boxes. It exceeds all my expectations. And my expectations are high. I really want Pebble to go to this centre.
I should have done more to find out what exactly was happening with the child care situation. I have been in such total denial about this whole thing since Pebble was born. I should have had her on the list when I was pregnant. However, we always discussed putting Pebble in this centre, and I might have been told earlier just how difficult it was to get in. *shrugs* Whatever. It’s done now.
So now we need to make a <quick> decision about whether to place Pebble on the list at another centre, and either keep her at this centre (assuming we can get into one at this late stage) OR get her in, then transition when a space is available at the preferred centre (dreading the thought of transitioning). OR manage it ourselves.
Paul’s mum and sister have both said that they can help out. Paul has said that he can take some leave days to care for Pebble. My mum can do some if she knows in advance (she works shift work).
We can mange, I think, but it’s kind of terrifying not having it all set in stone. Not to mention that I won’t find out what days I’m working until late this year.
*insert scream here*
I can’t think about it anymore. I’m off to stick my head in the sand again
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  1. The whole childcare thing is horrible and scary. I'm going through it at the moment! Best of luck!

  2. From personal experience I'd put her in another centre and leave her on the list and just transfer when a spot comes up. Kids are allot tougher then we realize. I swapped joss when she was one and the transfer was quite harmless.

  3. I like to bury my head in the sand too sometimes. Hopefully you can get it sorted, and relieve the stress a little.

    But boy oh boy, she sure is cute! x

  4. I agree with Dan leave her name on the list and hope a spot comes up..sometimes it helps to ring every now and then just to check as you may get lucky! (It happened a few times at the centre I worked in..though it was meant to be 'off the list' system). If Charlotte doesn't get in I hope you find another centre just as wonderful..even if it's only until a spot opens up..Good luck!
    BTW Love the look!

  5. Those waiting lists are a killer - i'm putting Flynn into family daycare instead of childcrae center. We're dropping his enrollment in next week and i've been assured i will have at least two carers from which to choose. My fingers are crossed!


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