Monday, August 30, 2010

Point and Shoot

This weekend we picked up a treadmill for a three month hire. I’ve been trying a few different ways to keep fit: walking with the pram, which is good, but doesn’t get my heart rate/sweat factor up enough; and Zumba, which is only good when I can get a babysitter, and I have found the classes a bit hit and miss. I’ve always wanted a treadmill, but just couldn’t justify the cost. What if I ended up using it as a clothes horse more than a fitness aid? That’s a lotta cash to throw at laundry! So, we decided to hire one for a while and see how much I use it.
The trick now will be keeping Pebble safe from it. I have put it behind the couch, lined up opposite a book shelf that I can prop the laptop on. That way I can watch DVDs or internet TV to keep me going, and we keep our main lounge area for Pebble to play in. Yesterday I tried out the treadmill for the first time, and made a little baby barrier to keep Pebble away. She mostly ignored it, until the last few minutes of my walk when she thought it was great fun to try and overcome this new obstacle. Thankfully she’s too little to be successful, but that day will come.
The treadmill also comes with a safety key which, when removed, prevents the treadmill from operating. The deal is, whenever I finish using the treadmill I remove the safety key and turn it off at the powerpoint. The biggest risk then is Pebble crawling on it. It’s pretty much out of sight, out of mind though, so we should be ok for now.
I managed a good twenty minutes this morning of fast walking + a whole 2.5 minutes (broken up!) of jogging. I’ve never been a jogger, but I think I can work myself up to it. I much prefer jogging on the treadmill to jogging on the street.
Do you have any fitness equipment at home? Do you use it?
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  1. I loved the treadmill at the gym ( sadly, i cant afford a gym membership right now ). I was never a jogger either but managed to work myself up to 15 minute unbroken jogs over a few months. I was so proud of myself!
    I reckon if i tried that now i might pass out and die after a minute or two - i havent tried jogging since i was 6 months pregnant!

  2. Good for you, finding a way to get what you need. I have an exercise bike in the garage that's growing dust like there's no tomorrow. It's all here but the motivation!

    Very cute pick of a sweet little face. x

  3. Aaaw, your lil one gets more and more beautiful every day.

    Good luck with the trial, may all your fitness dreams come true... easily!

  4. Good on you. I always feel like treadmills make the time seem so much longer. I'm so glad it works for you. Keep it up. xx


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