Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, here again


I felt most accomplished this morning. It was 9am and I had already EXERCISED. Yes, you heard it here first. You might be detecting a theme here. Two mentions of exercise in one week, when previously there was none? It’s true, I’m putting in some effort in this area, and it’s not very easy, but I’m trying. I have a goal, which helps. The City to Bay fun run is coming up and I’m aiming to WALK it with some friends. I’m not going to become a runner (or even a jogger) overnight. But I know I can walk it at a good pace and that it will be fun.

In other news, I scarpered off to a baby shower this afternoon while Paul ran Daddy Day Care. A lovely job of it he did too. I’ve just now waved off my Dad and Wicked Step Mum, after a lovely nosh up and natter. I had pondered what to cook and found myself drawn to Frills in the Hills, knowing that I’d find something tasty. Liss didn’t fail to impress, with her Thai BBQ Chicken. It was easy to prepare and so delicious. I will absolutely be making it again. This time I served it with steamed rice and stir fried Asian greens. It doesn’t get much better!

There goes another Sunday. How was yours? I did enjoy hearing about all the Nana-like Saturday nights, thank you for sharing that with me. It made me feel less alone in my nana-isms.

Bring on another week!


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  1. oooh I've made that dish before. it's ultra yummy!!

    Good luck with the run/walk!


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