Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wind blowing in the crazy

Last night confirmed for me that wind makes kids c r a z y! Pebble and I did not get much sleep, and the wind was howling wildly outside all night. The windows and doors were knocking and banging, and I was up every hour or so to resettle Pebble from 12pm to 6am. This morning, as the rain continued to drizzle and clouds hung low, I just wanted one thing – a day off! Alas, there is no such thing in the land of mummy. I love Pebble more than anything else in this world, but god, sometimes I really need a break. You know? Tell me you know!
I hope you’re having a good day. This post from Sunny Mummy gave me some sunny rays when it was reposted on Facebook this morning. If you’re suffering hump day blues, read this and try to find a better view.
The dreary day isn’t helping my mood. Thank goodness the sun is starting to peek out from behind the clouds. And thank goodness I have another giveaway coming up any minute!


  1. Aww poor mumma hope tonight is a better night for the both of you :)

  2. Sorry you had such a bad night, but your pictures are truly gorgeous!


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