Saturday, September 18, 2010

It’s oh, so quiet

Things seem a little quiet around here lately. I’ve been thinking of you a lot, but my fingers haven’t found their way to the keyboard very often. I’ve written many a blog post in my mind, but that’s where they’ll probably stay. In real life things have been hectic, but in a nice way. This week I have:

  • sung A LOT of songs with Pebble, and found myself humming playschool songs over the kitchen sink
  • laughed so hard with Pebble that she threw up (hahahahaha OH!)
  • visited and been visited by loved ones
  • drove to the city to spend too much money
  • bought lots of presents for little ones celebrating birthdays this week (such fun!)
  • lost my camera (gulp), then found it again (thank you Kikki K shop assistant angel)
  • learned to make chapatis
  • caught up on some yummy episodes Mad Men
  • luxuriated in the post-breastfeeding alcohol freedom (three whole drinks!), then regretted it
  • planned a little and procrastinated a lot about my return to work

This weekend we’re seeing friends and family, and generally running from here to there and back again. Also, tomorrow I’m doing the City to Bay and I’m terrified! I have not prepared at all and feel so very close chucking a sickie. But I can’t. Can I? No, I shouldn’t. Should I? *sigh*
I hope you’re weekend is filled with friends, fun, and a lot less indecision than mine.

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  1. Good luck with your run! And i can sympathise with the returning to work thing - my " boss " has thrown a spanner in the works for my return and i'm so NOT appreciating it...


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