Sunday, September 19, 2010



Have you ever seen a more beautiful sign?

I am proud to say that today I did manage to achieve my goal of finishing the City to Bay 12km walk. Being totally unfit, and having committed absolutely no training time, I aimed to complete it in two and half to three hours. Well... I smashed that right out of the park! I completed the walk in 2 hours flat! It was actually not very difficult, I walked at a fast pace, only slowing down to relieve a very annoying and persistent stitch. I did the first three kilometres with a friend and her family, prams and all, so that slowed me down a bit also. I think next year I could do at least 1 hour 45 mins, maybe even less. Perhaps I could even jog.... some? I'd love to get a group together next  year and make it a bit of a laugh. There was plenty of entertainment along the way today, people dressed up, bands playing on the side of the road, and people from all walks of life joining in.

I have to admit that right now I’m a little sore. Strangely the sorest part, aside from blisters on my heels, is my pelvis!? Across my lower middle abdomen I feel quite a strain, which is something new. I wonder if it’s anything to do with have a caesarean section? Hmmm. I wonder, too, just how much more pain is to come tomorrow and the next day. I’m sure this is only the beginning!

Have you ever participated in a fun run?


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  1. I'm sorry you're so sore, but bravo! I love it when you plan something, set the goal and then slowly work (walk?) towards it. I am trying to remember to do this as I go along on my weight loss journey. Not everything in life can be an 'instant gratification' thing. You have to keep going and not give up.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Kylie. x


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