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Hello there. It’s been a while, huh? If only you could see all thoughts whizzing around in my head. Taking a break from blogging while dealing with the loss of my Grandad has been good for me, but it has also let a few questions float to the surface that I have until now ignored. When in the throes of busy blogging I don’t let myself stop, reflect, and think. This might seem odd, when blogging is sometimes exactly that – a chance to stop, reflect and think. But I haven’t been listening to a little nagging voice in my head – this voice that asks *sigh*…. is it ok that you’re child is the star of your blog? Your blog, which is a public website, which anyone can access anytime? I’ve been swatting away this little nagging voice for sometime, but now I can’t ignore it anymore.

So. If my blog isn’t about Pebble, then what it is about? I can’t really give you an answer there. I feel ok with sharing information about Pebble, but I’m starting to feel antsy about all the pictures, and videos. Which is also the part that I love about this blog, and that I think you love too. I know when I’m reading other people’s blogs I love to see pictures to match the story.

I find myself in a bit of a quandry then, uncertain of how to proceed. So while I mull it over I can answer one question for sure. Have I missed blogging? Yes. So, I will continue to be here, updating as usual, but for a while you won’t see so many pictures of Pebble, which I so desperately want to share, but at the same time I don’t. How very befuddling!

What do you think? Do you share photos of your kids online?



  1. I know what you mean. I purposely don't post pictures of my nephew on FB. My sis has decided to post pics of him in a closed photo album that only family and close friends can access but that still makes me nervous even though I am a big fan of FB and blogging. I think it is an individual choice and only you can make the right decision for you. Please keep blogging!!

  2. I don't post pics of my daughter on FB, or on my blog. It is just so easy to save pics that aren't yours.

  3. I don't put pics of my children's faces on my blog (I have used pics of them from behind or with their faces hidden). My thoughts go like this...

    Firstly they are too young to agree/disagree with their image being shown. So, for me it's a respect thing. Also, being a public website, I don't like the idea of lots of photos of my kids being available (same goes for pics of me or my husband).

    My blog is about ME. I write about my thoughts and feelings on public website, so I think it's only fair that I don't use my last name and I don't use my family member's real names (I use a nicknames). It's unlikely that anything bad would come of it, but I'd rather just let them have their annonymity and not have them tied to my views.

    In saying all that, I LOVE looking at other people's photos and I know that people have very different thoughts on this. It's just the rules I had for myself in the beginning and ones that I've kept up.

    I don't know if that all makes sense.

  4. Oh, I wanted to add, I do put photos of my kids on FB, but they are not publicly accessible.

    I personally think you can share stories without having to share pictures, but ultimately you have to do with what sits right with you.

    Good luck x

  5. I had this struggle before i had Flynn - i kept my fiances real name under wraps for quiet a while, and i've only ever used nicknames for friends and other relatives.
    But i was just too proud of my beautiful son to NOT share a pic or two with my readers! I try not to post too many personal pics, but sometimes i feel like my blog, which is about me and my life, would not be complete without sharing personal moments visually. Does that make sense?

  6. I can imagine how you feel...i don't have children, but I am a very proud aunty and godmother. Whilst there is the odd post about them, I would never put their photos on my blog as I am not their parents and therefore, it is totally not my call to make without parental permission (not many people in my real life know that i have a blog - so i have never asked).
    As someone who is planning on having children in the future, I would personally have some reservations about it. Thats not to say I don't enjoy reading about and seeing cute pics of other blogger's children, nor would I be critcal of any bloggers choice to do so...


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