Friday, November 12, 2010

Rubber Ducky!

Rubber Duckling

I’m in the process of thinking about Pebble’s first birthday party. We have a BIG family so it’s going to be big no matter how small we try and keep the guest list. I’m think it will either be at our place, or at a local community hall. January is a hot month and our back pergola gets stinking hot if it’s over 27 degrees outside, so outsourcing the venue might be a good idea for everyone’s sake.

Pebble loves her bath time and rubber ducks, they never fail to make her smile. I am thinking about a theme around the idea of rubber ducks, nothing too over the top, just something for me to focus on. I’m now searching the net for ideas and I can’t find any of my old favourite links! There were a few really cool kids party blogs out there but I’m lost in a sea of Google. If anyone knows any great party sites please leave me a comment and let me know :)

So far some ideas I have are:

  • a rubber ducky bath time photo of Pebble for the invitations
  • blue table clothes topped with clear bubble wrap to make it look all bubbly
  • clear and blue balloons for more bubbles
  • bubble blowing and yellow ducky play dough making for activities for the older littlies
  • novice cake decorator!)
  • duck shaped finger food

Whether any of this actually happens is another idea, but it’s nice to have ideas :)

What did you do for your child’s first birthday party?



  1. Flynn is turning 1 in 45 days and i'm not really doing a theme - he's too young to remember it and i want the focus of his first birthday to be on family and how much love he is surrounded by. As his birthday is 2 days after Xmas, we're going to have a bbq at my parents place and i'm going to make the cake. I'm 95% decided on making a caterpillar with 6 parts - one for the face and 5 to spell out his name on!

  2. Bubble machines are fun and cheap! Also, we had a blow up pool filled with balls at Amber's birthday and it's very popular with the kids - not sure if it fits with the theme but easy and keeps em entertained. Ernie singing 'Rubber Ducky, you're the one'?

  3. check this out

  4. The lovely Virginia of mum/toddler/babe fame has a new store called Lovely Little Parties.

    Not sure if you remember but we did a Max/Where the Wild Things are them for Bebito's 1st bday but it was very low key in reality - coffee and cake at our local (and large!) cafe at Semaphore. I think it's a good idea to go elsewhere - less mess to worry about and less cleaning to fret over before you host the party. :)

    Looking forward to hearing more about what you get up to in planning x

  5. Some of my favourite party/host blogs are:

    Hope you find some inspiration!!

  6. My baby just turned two and we had a duckie party, well Puddle Duck anyway you can check out the post about it if you like.


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