Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town!


The decorations are up, the Christmas shopping is all but done, and the family bookings are locked in, Eddy! I’m finally starting to relax about this whole Christmas caper, and next comes the best bit…. enjoy!

This year I’ve managed to swing it so that I’ll be seeing almost everyone I love in the three days over Christmas, including a Christmas Eve gathering at our house. I’m pretty excited about that – I think it’s our first time hosting any kind of holiday festivities, and while it’s not the whole turkey palaver, it’s still feels rather grown up. At least…. I think it’s not the whole turkey and trimmings deal…. friends tell me I’m not expected to cook a turkey!?

For the first time in YEARS I’ll be seeing aunties, uncles and cousins of mine at Christmas time (and some for the first time in years, Christmas or not!). It’s the perfect year for it, in my opinion, as we have our little girl to meet and greet everyone. I’m sure she’ll charm the pants off them with her head shaking, booty bouncing, drunken walking antics. Not to mention the clapping! Oh, the clapping is just too cute. Pebble is clapping at everything – happy things, sad things, angry things. It’s too, too precious.

I’ve just spent several hours online shopping for presents, trying to get as many goodies as possible without setting foot into the crrraaaazzzzzy shops. I detest Christmas shopping. Well, not the actual choosing of gifts part, but the crowded, pushing, irritable and impatient humans part. I can only imagine how that sort of thing would work out with a stroller and 10 month old in tow, so I’m saying a big No Thank You Siree, Bob!

So, Christmas, I’m here and I say BRING IT BABY! I’m ready!

Are you ready for Christmas?


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  1. Wow! You're organised!!

    I have done zero Xmas shopping, I prob won;t start until the weekend. Chrissy decorations will go up on the weekend too.


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