Wednesday, December 1, 2010



It’s been a while since I baked, but this week I’ve found myself measuring out flour and cracking eggs more often than usual, and I’ve quite enjoyed it. I’m getting so bored with the food that I’m giving to Pebble, so I had a hunt for some baby friendly recipes online. I found this neat little cook book by the South Australian Government and their ‘Start Right, Eat Right’ initiative. Given that I have very little in the way of fresh food in the house at the moment, my options were limited! So I chose the cheese muffins – 15 minutes later they’re out of the oven and looking quite tasty. You’ve gotta love that!


I also found a recipe for pikelets. I know! Don’t laugh at me! No, I’ve never made pikelets, and yes, I actually had to look up a recipe for them. They were also easy peasy and are now cooling on the bench ready for afternoon tea. These tasty little morsels will make a good addition to the usual strawberries, peacherines, natural yoghurt, mashed veg and crackers and cheese that Pebble chows down on.


What have you been cooking lately?


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  1. Yummo! They look great!

    We've made scones recently. And pasta too, does that count?


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