Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let’s Party!


It’s only six sleeps until Pebble’s 1st birthday party!!!! We’ve planned as a little afternoon tea gathering at our place. We’d love to host all our family and friends (all 120ish of them) but instead Pebble will be welcoming her immediate family, grannies, grandads, aunties, uncles and cousins, and a couple of close friends. The menu is simple, just a few nice nibbles, and the family is rallying around to bring along something each, so that’s a big help.

I’ve been busy putting together the banner, the cupcake toppers are already done, and I’m practising my cake making skills today. I’m not known for being the best baker but my mum always made us a birthday cake, one of those Women’s Weekly kids birthday party ones, and I’m determined to embrace that tradition for Pebble. The duck theme is going to be really cute, I think, and not too over the top. I’m going for a simple number 1 cake with some blue icing and ducks swimming across it.

Hopefully the weather stays good, about 30 degrees is the forecast, which means 35 degrees under our veranda. Oh, how I’d love to tear it down and build a nice peaked roof to welcome the breeze, but alas it’s just not an option at the moment. Certainly not by next weekend, at any rate! We have air conditioning though, and plenty of room inside too. The blow up pool will be full and ready for a splash, the bubble machine will be bubbling away (one of Pebble’s Christmas presents), and we’ll all have a merry time celebrating.

All this hooplah is distracting me from the matter at hand…  my baby is turning ONE! It’s gone so fast, but it’s been a long time since I felt that I had a baby. Our toddling Pebble seems to be ready for her second birthday, forget about being one! She’s always been determined to get to the next milestone, especially physically, and she’s quite the tall girl. I don’t really feel very nostalgic about the big ONE at the moment, but maybe it will all hit me on the day.

Fingers crossed that Pebble is awake to enjoy at least a little of the party, and that she has lots of fun with her family and friends. Stay tuned for a full report next week!



  1. Hold the phone - only 6 sleeps? So her birthday is the 22nd? If so, that means the gorgeous Pebble shares her birthday with... the gorgeous ME! Happy birthday to us!

  2. So do you have a special cutter (that I could borrow) for all those circles?!


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