Friday, January 14, 2011

Roseola Infantum!


Doesn’t that just sound like some magic incantation? A little bit bed knobs and broomsticks, perhaps? Well that’s what Pebble has officially been suffering for the last week, and it’s something of a relief to know what it is. The rash appeared yesterday, following four days of fever, which is pretty much a text book case. Now I can stop trying to catch her wee! The doc said he thought it was Roseola Infantum, but that I should try and get a urine sample to rule out urinary tract infection. Well, that’s easier said than done! I had to attach a little plastic bag to her ‘mons’, as the doctor said, and hope for the best. All efforts so far have resulted in wet nappies and an empty bag.

So, now we’re just waiting out the rash and still giving Pebble lots of cuddles and little doses of Panadol when needed. She’s still like a Jekyll and Hyde character, at times laughing and singing, then in a millisecond she’s crying and whingeing. Poor poppet.

Fingers crossed that she’s all cleared up for the weekend, we have a little 1 year old friend’s birthday party to go to. Thank goodness this all happened this week, and not next week when it’s PEBBLE’S FIRST BIRTHDAY! Aaaaargggggh! Don’t get me started on that business! So much to do, so little time…. for another post.



  1. New follower here :))) Poor pebbles, I hope she is ok. She is a doll. And Happy First birthday to her!! Are you planning a nice little (or big) party?

  2. Hi Leesa, we're having a small-ish family + a couple of friends party, afternoon tea at home. My family is huge though, so it still works out to about 50 people! If we went for the full works it was going to be about 120 and that was just nuts.


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