Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Call the doctor to come quick, quick, quick

P1140487 Poor little thing fell asleep while watching TV. A sure sign that she’s sick!

I am in day three of nursing a feverish, grizzly baby. Pebble has had a low-grade fever since Monday, with pretty much no other symptoms except red ear lobes for a couple of hours on Monday. I guess that may mean an ear infection? In any case, Pebble has been at times happy and cheerful and playing, eating all her food, drinking her drinks…. and at other times just plain grumpy, sooky, and needing mama cuddles. She has slept laying on top of me at all her naps, and some of the night, and she feels like a little hot water bottle. Any attempts to move her away from me are met with grizzles and screams. Panadol has been our friend.

After two days of patiently waiting out this sickness I am now ready to take the little one to the doctors and get her checked out. If anything she seems worse today. She woke up with a higher fever, grizzly and crying. She ate her breakfast, sucked down a bottle, then promptly passed out on my lap. I’m sure the doctors will say she’s just fighting a virus or infection and there’s nothing they can do, but I feel the need to hear that.

In other news, Pebble totally used a spoon to feed herself last night! Clever little rock star. It was messy and…. messy, but she was so proud of herself.

P1140490 A proud expression mingled with a squinty look at the flash. Cuteness!

I have been vainly trying to get work done ready for the new school year. Tomorrow I am due to go into school and set up the classroom with my co-teacher, I’m hoping that Pebble will be all better so that I can let that happen.

I hope you and yours are well! I hear a baby stirring… gotta go.


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