Tuesday, January 4, 2011



We had a bit of a fright yesterday. Paul’s mum (let’s call her Grandma, because everybody does) was taken by ambulance to hospital for severe back pain. At 70+ years old she’s a vibrant, healthy, fit and active woman, and yet, when you get a call that your 70+ year old mum is in hospital it makes you worry. Really worry. Thankfully it seems that the pain was caused by an infection, which is now being treated with antibiotics. The pain is still there, but not as bad. Time will tell.

It’s moments like these that make you realise how precious your time with your loved ones really is. Of course it does. It’s also times like this that, selfishly, Paul and I started to think seriously about our child care choices for this year. Grandma has very happily volunteered to care for Pebble two days a week. We are so grateful to have this help, and Pebble love, love, loves her Grandma. It couldn’t have worked out better really…. but. But.

What if Grandma gets sick? What if Grandma get’s really sick? Apart from being awful for everyone, not least Grandma herself, after all is said and done our little family would be up a shitty child care creek without a paddle. As I already know, sitting here on a looooooong wait list, good child care is not easy to come by, and certainly not quick. So, what do we do?

We’re still thinking about it. We’re thinking about child care two days a week. It’s a hard decision to make, because we know that both Grandma and Pebble will love their time together. However, if something were to go wrong we don’t have a back up, and neither of us has jobs that we can just up and leave until it gets sorted.

We’ll keep thinking. But we will need to make a decision. Soon.



  1. I hope Grandma gets better soon. We are in a similar situation with my Mum, who although young, isn't in the best of health. I worry about her all the time and she is our main childcare. We are in denial about it all and as yet haven't had to worry about a backup except when the Bebito was 4 months old and I did a full time contract for a month. She'd just had surgery then and literally couldn't care for him. I hope all gets sorted out sweet. xx

  2. Ohhh tough one! Hope Grandma gets better and you find a choice that suits your beautiful family.

  3. I hope Grandma gets well soon. It's terrible to be worrying about an ill loved one, especially when you rely on them for something as important as child care.

    A good friend of mine's mother died on Christmas Eve and it really does make you reflect on what is important, puts everything in perspective. Made me very conscious of not taking my Mum for granted.

  4. I hope grandma gets better soon. And good luck with the child care issue!

  5. I'm sure i could help out.....



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