Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The gift that keeps on giving


OMG you guys! I totally forgot to tell you about a fabulous present that I was gifted for Mother’s Day. Yeah, yeah, hugs and kisses from my two beautiful babes, Paul and Pebble. That’s was great. BUT. There was more! I think Beth covered this topic best on her blog, please go and check her out – but suffice to say that I was given a small piece of my childhood in the form of a cookbook. The Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Cookbook Vintage Edition, no less!


My siblings and I used to pore over this book, just for the fun of it. Many, many, many cakes were made over the years by my mum for her brood. I think all the numbers got a spin - a doll in a cake was trotted out, the train went for a ride, and the heart ice cream cake was a winner. This is childhood in a nutshell for me, and takes me straight back to my childhood home and family kitchen. The lino floor, laminate kitchen cupboards, dark-lit fruit and veg still life above the buffet, the pot of collectors teaspoons from around Australia, freshly baked goods always on the offer, that kitchen sink that my siblings and I would bicker over every night while we did the dishes, the orange and brown flowered saucepan set and classic collection of brown, orange and khaki Tupperware. Plate after plate of good, hearty, family friendly and budget wise meals that hit the table night after night, and were devoured by all. A birthday party for everyone, every year. And the Birthday Cake.


I continued the Birthday Cake tradition this year when I baked Pebble’s first birthday cake (blurrily pictured below). I can only hope that her own family memories are as fond as mine when she’s all grown up.


What’s your favourite family food memory?


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  1. My mum must have had that cake book too, cause I had that smartie cake AND the doll one!!

    You're a lucky mumma Kylie! :-)


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