Monday, May 9, 2011

Blissed Out

Wow, what a wonderful Mother’s Day! I hope you all had a fabulous one too. This year I thought I’d do something different and very grown up, and host Mother’s Day at my house. Not only that but we combined the family events so that everyone was under the one roof. In laws, er, laws, everyone! I think it was a pretty relaxed afternoon gathering, lots of little bubs, plenty of food and a dash of some lovely bubbles (sparkling, not floating). Thanks so much to all my loved ones who made it, brought scrummy food and travelled out of there way to be there. It means a lot and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Pebble thoroughly spoiled me this year. My kitchen is the way to my heart and she gave me a snazzy, much desired multi-slicer, and gorgeous spanking Scanpan roasting tray and some cute little doo-dads for my chopping board that make it non-stick and easily reversible. I think they’re called Chobs? Not to mention the cutest little card with stickers lovingly plastered all over it by my gorgeous little Pebble. Who knew toddlers were so clever at giving gifts? Perhaps she had a little help from her Daddy :)

15 Months

Here’s Pebble and I loving it up in the backyard yesterday (me totally owning my $9.99 Target dress!).

Love her and her Daddy so much xxx


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  1. Oh gorgeous! What spoilt mum you are, well done Pebble!

    Happy Mother's Day!


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