Wednesday, May 4, 2011



It’s often the crappest photos that are the best. Poor light, blurry motion – but they capture those moments that we treasure. This is one of those photos. Pebble had *just* woken up from a much needed three hour nap (love those). I heard her wake with a loud “baaaaa, baaaaaa” coming out of the baby monitor. When I got to her room Pebble was standing in her cot with her arms outstretched for her toy lamb. I picked her and the lamb up and she gave lamb lots of noisy “baaaaa” cuddles while I changed her nappy.

Then it was a cuddle fest for all. Every toy on her toy shelf was given a kiss and a cuddle by Pebble and by each other. Panda kissed Lamb. Lamb kissed Bunny. Bunny kissed Max. All of this was very new and unexpected. The “baaaa” sound is a new favourite whenever a sheep or something sheep-like is spotted, but the level of kissing and cuddling here was a delightful little moment of love and happiness. The chosen ones, Panda, Lamb and Max, were carried out to the living area where they were swiftly put to work at our new table and chair set. Max was even given a crayon to hold.

These are the moments that I never want to forget. They are parenting gold, probably only really significant to the two people who brought this kid into the world, but so easily they will slide away into the fuzzy sleep-deprived parenting fog.

That’s one of the reasons I love blogging. It’s a place to collect and display all these moments so that they don’t get lost. I’m going to try to blog them more, because it seems that every day there is another little Pebble moment that I want to keep and one day share again with her.



  1. Gorgeous! And yes, there are many things I've forgotten that my blog has kept for me. x

  2. Oh that is so cute, definitely a moment worth remembering!!

  3. Hi there, just popping in from Frills in the Hills to follow and check you out! Love the look of your blog and shall be following along :) Caz


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