Friday, April 8, 2011

Why, hello there!

I’ve taken some time away from the blog, reflecting on where I want it to go. I have very much missed writing, especially recording bits and pieces about our little Pebble. Two months have gone by with barely a mention and it seems so much has changed. Some days I come home from work and she seems to have grown older, wiser, taller. So it seems that the best place to start to rejoin the blogging world, is with Pebble.

Pebble is now 14 months old! Here’s a little update:


image  She’s tall – really tall! All surfaces are now in her domain, if she can’t reach it by standing on tippy toes then she’ll get there by climbing.
image Little Miss Diva loves to make choices (demands?) about her wardrobe. She particularly likes anything PINK and anything that goes in her hair.
image She has started to get that cheesy smile that kids get when they respond to ‘smile’ when you take a photo. She flutters her eyes almost closed, sticks her chin forward and shows her teeth.
image Playgrounds are a favourite destination and a great way for us to have some fun on our down days. Swings! Slides! Kids! Oh the joy. We’ve been trying out the many different play grounds in our area, and some kindergym too.
image She is still having one cuddly bottle at night before bed, and she loves it. She gets all giggly and crazy when we mention it, and promptly falls asleep once it’s downed. Just like mummy after a bottle of bubbles :P
image Sleep…. is ok. Up and down, we have good days and bad days. We cherish the good.
image She is a Play School groupie. When it comes on the TV she squeals, throws her hands in the air and runs on the spot. She’s really getting the idea of joining in with it now too, doing all the actions and copying the play. Unfortunately she also expresses her distaste for anything on TV that is not Play School. Frown, point, grunt – you get the idea.
image She doesn’t have too many words yet, not verbally. They’re all in her head, she understands almost everything we say – they just don’t come out her mouth yet. She is an excellent communicator though, as always (refer frown, point, grunt, above).
image She is now in love with her Daddy. She always loved Dad, but they’re relationship is really growing now, and he’s definitely a favourite. The delight on her face when he comes home from work, or when she wakes up and sees him: heart = KABOOM!


So, that’s our kid. We love her.



  1. 14 months - an awesome time, really starting to become 'little people' rather than random input/output devices. Make the most of it :)

  2. Welcomeback! Lovely to catch up on what Pebble is doing.

  3. What a little cutie, it is nice to see your blog pop up in my blog list again. xxx

  4. It just get's better and better, doesn't it? She looks like such a joyful little girl to be around...

    PS: I'm running a pretty sweet jewelry giveaway that I think is right up your alley! Stop by if you have moment...


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