Sunday, February 27, 2011

A long time between drinks

Image0763It’s a topsy turvy old world – Pebble, stunt baby, 13 months

Er, well, actually, not so much between drinks, but definitely a long time between blog posts. Could it be that returning to work is impacting on my time to have fun and frollick in the blogging world? The short answer: yes.

I have missed blogging very much, but to be honest when I have had a moment to think about what I might write I’ve been finding myself a bit stuck. I feel that the authenticity of this blog is very much in danger of completely disappearing. Last year I made a few changes to the blog in the interests of protecting Pebble’s privacy. It’s something that I still feel strongly about, and really feel that I’ve made the right decision for us. BUT. It has impacted on the enjoyment I get out of blogging. I LOVE to share photos of my beautiful little girl, and censoring my choice of photos has dampened my enthusiasm.

Some things never change. Paul, my gorgeous and loving husband, is very supportive of my blogging, but rightfully asks that I respect his privacy. Of course I do. So you won’t find much about him here.

On top of that I absolutely can not blog about my work. I am an early childhood teacher, and while there are many successful early childhood teacher bloggers out there, I am not aiming to be one of them. I just want a blog for me, about my life and … stuff. However I don’t think it’s very professional for me to hop online and blab about my work – whether it be a great day or a bad day. These are kids lives that I’d be sharing about. How would I feel about my own child’s teacher writing about my child on a blog – whether it was positive or not, whether or not my child was identified? I just don’t feel comfortable with it. And if something doesn’t sit right with you, you gotta go with your gut.

And then. Then! There’s the time factor. I guess I used to blog more when Pebble was immobile. Then I blogged when she was napping. Now those naps are sacred time. If I’m not doing planning for my teaching days (very rare!) then I’m getting the house sorted, and trust me, I’m just barely keeping my head above water with that!

So, guys and gals, that doesn’t leave me a whole lot of authenticity or reality. And what is the point of a blog if you can’t get real? I hope you can bear with me while I figure out how to take this blog forward. If I decide to take it forward. I have loved my writing time, and just as much I have loved my interactions with all the other bloggers out there who I share the blogiverse with. Just know that, even though I’m not as vocal with my comments as I used to be, I’m still visiting you all when I can.

I’d love to know how you manage your blog and your life. How do you make your blog real? What boundaries do you set for yourself?

I’d also just love it if you said hi :)



  1. Two attempts at a blog which let the world too deep inside my head finally taught me to back off and give that up as a bad idea, hence my work blog, which is a nice divider, helps me get my creative writing impulses satisfied, but keeps me as a person well in the background.
    Its real, because I write it, and it is about real things. Is it me - I guess it is, but its not about me.
    Keep writing, even if sporadically :)

  2. Hi! Seems you have yourself quite the conundrum want to blog, but the things that most people would blog about you've made off limits. I think you're either going to have to find yourself a niche subject, or...well...shut down. I know it sounds harsh, but if you start limiting yourself to the point where you only write once a week ( for eg ), and that post is just a little of this and a little of that, you'll eventually lose interest and so will your readers.
    I'm wishing you luck wih it though because i love stopping by!

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