Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4 Ingredients - Chicken Spinach Rolls


I recently picked up a copy of 4 Ingredients Kids when tempted by the book stands at the door way in Big W. It cost around $10 and it’s a bargain! I’ve made a list of recipes to try, and have just whipped up some delicious, healthy, kid friendly and fairly budget friendly chicken spinach rolls.

Want to try them? Then get together these ingredients:
400g chicken mince
2 sheets shortcrust pastry
220g creamed corn
100g baby spinach

My notes: I’ve had the creamed corn kicking around the pantry for a while now, so was glad for the excuse to use it. I picked up the baby spinach for $1.87 on special at Coles, and the chicken mince was also on sale. I used 500g as that is what size the pack comes in and it made it a bit easier. I used two 125g cans of creamed corn as that’s what was in the pantry. This made enough filling for three sheets of shortcrust pastry (I used the Pampas reduced fat). I was tempted to try puff pastry, which is what I usually use for sausage rolls, but resisted the urge to deviate from the recipe and stuck with it.


  • Get your toddler entertaining themselves so they don’t interrupt you while you’re cooking. You’ll be finished cooking in a flash.


  • Brown mince in a non-stick saucepan and allow to cool.


  • Add sweet corn and spinach (whoops, I added mine to the hot chicken – it turned out fine).


  • Cut pastry sheets in half, spread mixture along each half and roll into long rolls.
  • Cut each roll in to three (I cut mine into four). 1311130802529
  • Cook at 200 degrees celcius for 30 minutes or until golden.
  • Try not to eat them all at once!


I’m planning on freezing some and using them for quick lunches, baby lunch and even dinner with a side salad. I’d take these to a bring-a-plate family gathering any day, and they’d be great at kids parties. They’re great for sneaking it a few vegies too!


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  1. I just picked up a copy of this yesterday, thanks for the tip, I love the easy format they use.Happy cooking


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