Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Child Care Take 2

2011-07-20 08.54.31Front row seat to watch mummy blow dry her hair. Quite entertaining, apparently.

So far so good! Today I took Pebble to her second child care play without mummy. She again screamed with delight when we arrived in the car park and happily toddled up to the toddler house. Once she was settled with some morning tea I said goodbye and walked out. This time I felt a little less like throwing up, which is always good. Pebble continued to munch happily on fruit and bread.

I returned half an hour later to see her getting ready to go outside to play. Pebble gave me a big beaming smile and toddled on over to me to say hello, then dragged me outside with her. Fiona, one of the lovely educators at the centre, told me that Pebble did get a weeny bit upset but calmed down really quickly when Fiona offered her a cuddle and her teddy bear.

We fed the rabbits before heading off home. Visit #3 is planned for tomorrow, fingers crossed that it all keeps coming along so swimmingly!


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