Thursday, July 21, 2011

Child Care Visit #3

Well. She cried. I said "goodbye I love you, I'll be back soon", took four steps to the door and "waaaaaahhhhhhhh!". She started. I looked back (tip: DON'T look back!) and saw her little pink face all screwed up, looking at me like I was breaking her heart.

That? Right there? That's Mother's Guilt.

I sat in the car outside, making sure I couldn't see I wasn't visible from her play yard (this is the kindy yard). Thank god for roaming internet, it served as the perfect distraction for the half hour that I waited to return. I had taken along some teacher reference books but was too muddle headed to read them. Facebook was all my brain was up for.

When I got back Pebble was standing next to one of the tables, with all the other kids, eating her fruit. She was standing, not sitting, because she had just been doing a little bum-wobble-dance to the song they were singing. Pebble smiled and waved when she saw me, and asked me to sit next to her. She was fine. Dare I say it, she even looked happy.

Overall another successful visit. Hopefully more to come.

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