Thursday, July 21, 2011


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I’ve just returned from 45 minutes of my face pressed into this massage table. Fourty five minutes of having my back, neck and shoulders (oh yes, the shoulders! please, more on the shoulders!) rubbed until they have melted away. I drove home wondering if it was quite safe enough for me to be behind the wheel, I was feeling very fuzzy headed.

This was the last of my birthday vouchers, I’ve been saving them since November… saving them so long that they all expired! Luckily they were still accepted and in the past fortnight I’ve enjoyed these little delights:

Fullscreen capture 21072011 92207 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 21072011 92603 PM.bmp

and today’s blissful massage. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

I would never buy these kinds of things for myself, but I love them. I especially love being able to choose my own adventure. One voucher was for a facial, and while I do love a facial I find if I only have one I break out in spots. As I can’t afford to keep up with weekly facials (oh, can you imagine that kind of life?!)I asked to swap. The spa was more than happy to exchange my facial for an experience of the same value and voila, massage a go go. Plus an eye brow shaping! It hurts like a bitch but the results are so much better than my rushed job in the bathroom mirror with tweezers.

Goodbye for now indulgent, relaxing luxury – until we meet again.



  1. When i had a bit more disposable cash i DID by these kind of things for myself - i dont see any shame in that.
    One of our local beauty therapists/spa had a monthly special she would send out to her mailing list. If it something i liked, i'd do it. I even bought two one month and took my mum for her birthday - mother and daughter massage/facial/bonding time...!


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