Sunday, July 10, 2011

Date Night

Kylie and Paul (158)

This weekend marks two years since Paul and I got hitched and last night we celebrated! First we dropped Pebble off at Grandma’s for the night, her first ever sleep over at Grandma’s house. Then came home to wine + loud music + getting pretty to head out to dinner. We never get to pump the music anymore, the only thing played around here lately is Play School and The Wiggles – it was so fun to just blast it and bop around. And when I say blast…. I’m surprised the neighbours didn’t come knocking on the door!

Kylie and Paul (92)

We’d bought one of those dealy vouchers for an Indian restaurant and to make up for the money saved on dinner we splashed out on a cab so that we could both enjoy a glass or two of wine. We got a lovely corner spot in the back of the restaurant and promptly ordered some lovely starters and a bottle of sauvignon blanc. The entrees arrived in no time, beef kuftas and machchi pakoras and they were huge (sorry, no pics, too busy living it!). They were also divine – so tasty and with beautiful sauces. After those and a glass of wine I was feeling full up already, but the main course arrived to test my belly.


We ordered my fav, lamb saag, and a chicken madras, along with a naan, rice and pappadums (naan and pappadums, oh we were treating ourselves, weren’t we!?). The curries were The Best Indian Food We Have Ever Eaten!! Seriously!I have had some lovely Indian food before, but this was just amazing. The meat melted in your mouth, the sauces were packed with flavour, had beautiful texture and weren’t oily at all. The bread….. oh the bread! It was fluffy and soft, slightly sweet, and hot. I will say that I just couldn’t eat the pappadums, there were a bit too salty and I couldn’t fit them in. With just the two curries between us there was plenty left over, I reckon we could have shared everything with two others. Paul ploughed on though, taking it all for the team Smile He also enthusiastically ordered a second bottle of wine which was barely touched by the time we were done eating and ready to call a cab again. Oh well, we had fun. We relaxed, talked, laughed and we were just us. It was so nice. So nice.

After dinner we went to our favourite night club – our house! The music was pumping and we were dancing like complete twats around the lounge room. It was awesome! And the DJ knew all our favourites Smile. We danced well into the night before collapsing happily into bed, two blissfully happy people.


We didn’t stir all night, no baby to wake us up for a midnight cuddle, and enjoyed a little sleep in before getting up to make the Best Eggs I Have Ever Cooked. I love eggs and I’m a little obsessed about cooking them just right. I’ve never mastered poaching and usually wrap eggs in cling film if I try it. It works, but it’s not proper poaching, if you know what I meean. However, I was feeling very inspired by Masterchef and not having a small child hugging my knees, and decided to make poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. Dad (otherwise known as The Egg Man) had dropped around two dozen eggs earlier in the day, so I had plenty of produce to work with.

The Kiss

I used the Mother’s Day Masterclass poaching technique, but went for a slightly more cheaty version of hollandaise. As if I was going to stand over a pot for 30 mins! The cheats version of hollandaise was fool proof – though I did half the recipe because I didn’t want a huge quantity, then halved the butter quantity again because 125g of butter seemed obscene. The result was a slight lighter hollandaise but absolutely devine nonetheless. The eggs came out perfectly, and I got to eat them HOT. Honestly, I don’t think there is anything that makes me happier than perfect eggs *sigh*

Moving on… after a brief spell on the couch watching Insiders over breakfast we picked ourselves up and quite eagerly went to pick up our small girl. I did find myself in an odd mindset lying in bed in the morning – I really wanted to stay in bed cuddling for longer, but I also really wanted to pick up Pebble and give her a hug and a kiss. I was literally torn by these two things, it was such a bizarre feeling, but also nice to know that I do miss my kid, and do want her to come home again Smile

Kylie and Paul (191)

Pebble had a perfect night away, she slept like an angel, waking up at 3am to get into bed with Grandma, which she did without complaint. She was a little bit all over the place when she saw us, kind of happy/sad, as if she couldn’t quite get a handle on her emotions, bless her. Now we’re all back to our regular routines and moving on with our lives.

What a fabulous night though, really. Happy Anniversary to my gorgeous hubby, I’m so happy and grateful to have you to share this life with, love you always xxx


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