Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All growned up

2011-07-05 10.15.34

Here’s our little girl, a baby no more, all ready to head off to child care. We had our second visit today and it went really well. Pebble explored the environment all by herself, making sure to park her bum in every chair in the home corner, until she found one that was just right. She tinkered with the puzzles, built up some blocks, fussed over babies and sat herself down for a good nosh up at morning tea time. She did refuse to wash her hands in the all too scary looking bathroom, and she did choose to come to the toilet with mum, instead of waiting in the Toddler House with all the other kids. That’s ok, baby steps, right?

We have two more visits next week, and plans for The Big Separation. I wonder who’ll need more support? Pebble? Or me? Yeah, I think so too.


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