Sunday, August 21, 2011

Colour my world

Poor Pebble has been sick. As in sick for a week, recovered for two days and now sick again for the last three days. She was snotty, coughy kinda sick. Now she's feverish, thick-chested kinda sick. Waking up screaming kinda sick.

It really was to be expected.
First child care days = first sickness.
Two weeks away from child care = better.
Return to chld care = sick again.

I have spent a lot of time in bed this weekend. There once was a time when a weekend in bed was a GOOD thing. These days it means getting kicked in the everywhere by a boiling hot, snoring, wheezing kid. How life has changed!

This afternoon the sun shone a little and even though she's pale faced and dark under the eyes, Pebble was keen to get outdoors. We cranked open some jumbo chalk and made the pavement pretty. I don't know who had more fun: her or us?

It killed some time and distracted Pebble (and us) from her ailments. We were supposed to go to the zoo today. Some other time, I'm sure.

I hope you weekend was splashed with a little colour too.


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