Monday, August 22, 2011

Domestic Goddess

I’ve been looking for budget friendly, family friendly, body friendly meals and you really can’t go past a roast dinner to meet all three of these needs. As long as  you go easy with the portions and use low-fat substitutes where possible it makes a pretty healthy meal. Meat + veg. Simple.


I have cooked maybe ….. five? Yep, I reckon I’ve cooked five roasts in my life time. They’re just not my thing. They seem complicated, too many pots and pans going, a hot kitchen, too much timing to get right. Today I proved myself wrong. I prepped the roast potato and pumpkin mid-arvo, as well as making the cauliflower-broccoli cheese. Peas took a minute or two in the microwave just before serving, as did my awesomely classy box gravy.


The meat. The meat went into the weber about 75 minutes before we wanted to serve. Literally bung it in and go about your business until it’s time to pull it out again. I did massage some olive oil and salt into the skin of this baby, knowing full well that I wasn’t going to eat any of this AWESOME crackle. I have never enjoyed pork crackling. I try it every time and every time I’m left with a mouth full of the taste of fat. Which is just gross.


I am told that tonight’s crackling effort was CRACKING. Get it? Cracking? Cos it…. oh never mind.


Paul looked at his dinner plate then looked at me and said “This Is The Woman I Married!!”. Love it :)

How gnarly does that pork look? The best bit? With only two adult bellies to fill there is more than enough to go around for another roast dinner tomorrow night, plus some other left overs I’m sure. I love going to bed knowing that tomorrow’s dinner is already done. The simple things.


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  1. A roast is one of my favourite kind of meals. I do a mean roast chook but my fiance is responsible for pork/beef/lamb. And, like you guys, we only have two adult mouths and a toddler belly, so there is always left overs for lucnh the next day. Gotta love that!


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